Monday, May 29, 2017

Heroes are Remembered; Legends Never Die

MEMORIAL Day, originally known as Decoration Day, is a day dedicated for remembrance for those of
ours who lost their lives in combat. However, in this day in age, most of us associate Memorial Day merely as a three day weekend filled with family fun and memories.  Memorial Day is meant to be a day we stand together in the remembrance of those who will forever carry the burden of our freedom.

From WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors voluntarily gave the ultimate sacrifice on the on the moral foundation of our founding fathers.  For most, Memorial Day is a day to kick off the summer, it is a day of mourning and gratitude.

My grandmother, a Marine wife, put it in a way that really brought it into perspective for me.  After returning from Vietnam, my grandfather had a difficult time adjusting to ordinary days.  He had a hard time being expected to think and function normally when in fact he was not "normal".  Our troops of our Nation are elite members of our society. Created to fulfill a purpose. The brotherhood, or sisterhood, that being a member of the military provides a bond that can never be comprehended by those outside of the unity.

So, take a moment of silence, say a prayer, or raise a toast to celebrate the lives of the men and women that we have lost over time.

Heroes are remembered; Legends never die. "Semper Fidelis- Gone but not forgotten"

-Daryn Butler

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why Pagosa Springs?

THE word is out! Pagosa Springs is one of the most sought out town in the United States.  As time inevitably evolves, so does our population.  A population of 1,835 year round residents the year of 2017, demonstrates an exponential a growth pattern of 9.6% since the year of 2000.
With no shortage of land, the issue stands within the lack of homes and properties that are for sale. 

The Real Estate Market is flourishing.  CREN and Pagosa Springs Area Association and Realtors provided an overall Market Overview.  The overview exhibits a decrease in New Listings (-15.2%) with an increase in Sold Listings (+20.8%) over the past year alone.  Statistics don’t lie! Real Estate is booming in our town and now is the time to invest in the Market. 

Surely our lowly rated 3.8% unemployment rate is appealing to job seekers considering that the average unemployment rate is 7.6%, but what really drives people to pack up their belongings and move to the sticks?

The answer is simple: Pagosa offers what no other can declare.  Our focal point is located in the Colorado Sunbelt, in the upper San Juan Basin, surrounded by 3 million angelic acres of National Forest.  A short 5 minute drive from town brings you to unharmed habitat- a design the Creator intended.

Offering more than a scenic destination- Pagosa is home.  62% of homes in Pagosa Springs are family led; with 60% of them contain children below the age of 6 years; which displays Pagosa as the perfect opportunity to raise your family with the perk of raising them without the influence of the world.

Pagosa Springs is ideal for beginning a new chapter in life.  The highest age percentage is dominate amid the ages of 25-34- almost equivalent between men and women. Half of which never being married, so don’t worry about the lack of opportunity to meet that special someone.   

Recently retired and wondering where to settle down? Pagosa Springs is the optimal location for such circumstances.  18% of residents live solely off of their retirement income, and find the peace here in Pagosa that they have been searching for.

With inventory being low and the number of buyers being high, we need listings! Let us at Team Pagosa guide you to make the best decision for you and your future.  Nine elite agents are ready to help you along the process.  Come and meet the agents and choose whom you would like to work with!

-Daryn Butler

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

PSHS Upcoming Production of Mary Poppins.

REBECCA Postma has been a lively theater asset and highly involved member of the Pagosa Springs Community for many years.  Having participated in countless theatrical performances, Rebecca is more than experienced with on (and off) stage expertise.

Postma is taking on the ever talented Pagosa Springs High School theater group in the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performance of Mary Poppins.  

This well loved 1964 fantasy comedy musical is coming to life with promises not to disappoint. The two week countdown till show time has kicked the students, directors, music and tech crew into high speed, perfecting every aspect of this musical.  Having worked both under and alongside Postma myself, I cannot express my excitement as she makes her PSHS directing debut! Dan Burch, veteran music director as well as the High School choir and band teacher is taking the lead in directing the warbling choir performers, along with the elite orchestra.

Join me, and many others as we embrace the talent here in our hometown.
-Daryn Butler

MARCH 21ST - 25TH in the High School auditorium @ 7:00PM.
TICKET PRICE: $10.00 at the door.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day from Team Pagosa

      VALENTINE's Day comes with memories of grade school, filling out the Valentines and strategically placing a specific sticker and favorite candy for your select group of friends.  All a while, giving the generic tootsie roll to your not-so-favorite colleagues.

      As we mature, as does the expectation of Valentine's Day.  From a teenager to a young adult, Valentine's Day is either a day of affirmation of the young love or feelings for a particular person, OR for some people; a much dreaded day, spent admiring everyone else's flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears.  

      After the excitement of this particular spectacle subsides, and we settle into adulthood, Valentine's Day for most becomes something I like to call a "hassle holiday" or better known as a "Hallmark Holiday" in which we choose to celebrate that is perceived to exist primarily for commercial purposes, as opposed to commemorate a tradition or historically significant event.  

     What if, stay with me here, what if we deemed Valentine's Day as an opportunity versus a task? Life can be hectic! Most of us after a busy day of work, running errands, and planning dinner for the family often don't have time or willpower to make our significant other or loved ones feel special.  When in reality, they are what keep us going.  Years of marriage and/or commitment is something to be appreciated and celebrated!  

     Rest assured, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be stressful and/or break the bank! Most of us would prefer a heartfelt, original gift than a box of chocolates or blue Tiffany box.  Love is beautiful.  Love is kind.  Love is understanding.  Choosing to live life alongside someone else is the ultimate gift, and what better a day to express gratitude for this commitment than February 14th?  Thus, take a few breaths, scrounge up some change (or a colored pencil) and make this Holiday your significant other's new favorite holiday!  I assure you, you will not regret it.  After all, they deserve it for putting up with you!

Happy Feburary! 


Daryn Butler

The TEAM of Team Pagosa

The word it out! Pagosa Springs is one of the most sought out towns in the United States. Surrounded by 3 million acres of National Forest, families and singles are searching to make Pagosa Springs their home.  With a low unemployment rate of 6.7%, Pagosa offers a secure place for all families and/or singles striving for a new start in a new place.

With no shortage of land, the issue stands within the lack of homes and properties that are for sale.  716 homes are occupied, revealing a shockingly low shortage of homes and properties for sale.  There are 193 Vacant Land Lots for Sale, Only 151 Stick Built Homes, 28 Commercial Properties, and merely 15 Mobile Homes.

With inventory being low and the number of buyers being high, we need listings!

Selling your homes or property can be a scary and stressful thought. However,  it doesn't have to be!  Team Pagosa has eight agents ready to help you along with the process.Come in and meet the agents and choose whom you would like to work with:
Debbie Loewen, Pagosa Springs Spirit Award of the Year! Debbie has proven herself to be an outstanding agent time and time again.  Having exceeded Six Million Dollars in sales her first year, shines a light on how driven and dedicated she is.  Team Pagosa is glad to have her.

Laura Daniels, being the Owner/ Broker is well renowned in the town of Pagosa Springs, serving on the Board of Realtors.  Laura and her team have sold 142 properties in the past year of 2016!

Lana Grey, a well loved agent goes out of her way for every one of her customers.

Robbie Pepper, a highly credentialed agent, he is an extremely talented person whom excels in all aspects of the real estate business.

Erica Hampton, worked with our office as a housekeeper for our short term properties, after pursuing her real estate license she has proven time and time again to be an excellent agent.

Greg Saffer, is a buyer himself.  He is very knowledgeable within the real estate business and works with your budget! He is a committed agent, capable of providing an informed and intelligent decision that will benefit you!

Sue Dodgen, Spent 20 years in interior design and both residential and interior design. Later, began her 22 year career in real estate in Texas.  She knows the business well and is dedicated in helping you make the best buy or sell! 

Don't hesitate to take the step toward your future, and become apart of the success Team Pagosa has to offer!

-Daryn Butler 

Spring is around the corner!

With Spring in the air, I thought it necessary to offer something special!
Enjoy 10 % off of the cute beautifully located home vacation home below.
With a stunning view of Hatcher Lake, this 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home can accommodate up to 10 guests!
It also includes wifi, a smart television, with a DVD player, a fireplace, and a 2 car garage for your convenience.
(970)731-8599 OR (970)903-7612

Monday, December 26, 2016

Horsedrawn wagon & a candlelit dinner

"Where the pavement ends and the West begins."

Astraddle A Saddle offers an amazing horse drawn wagon ride, ending in a delicious candlelit dinner in their rustic cabin.

Take a horse drawn sled or wagon ride to the rustic cabin for a full course Candlelight dinner.  
Dinner includes Salad, Potato, Rolls, Dessert, Beverages & your choice of Prime Rib, Chicken, or Baked Salmon.
Adults $55.00  Children (ages 3-9) $25.00

This is very popular activity not only with tourist but the locals as well, advance reservations are strongly recommended.
CALL TODAY! 970-731-5076